Grape Soda - Form a Sign - LP (180 gram white vinyl)


The debut LP from Athens, Ga power duo Grape Soda!

On super-thick 180 gram white vinyl.
Grape Soda has its priorities straight: paying close attention to hooks, emotion, and a driving beat, the duo of brothers Mat Lewis (keys, vocals) and Ryan Lewis (drums) keep the songs on their debut LP Form a Sign neatly lean. Crisply tracked mostly live by B.C. Fortenberry, it sounds more akin to a Fugazi-style document of the band’s current crop of material than the shoestring home recording it is.

The melodies on Grape Soda’s first full-length, Form a Sign, show a lifelong love of pop music in all its forms, resulting in more than a few total gems (“Not Mine,” “Smooth Rider”). The delayed-out Farfisa at times recalls the percussive rhythms of dub reggae and rocksteady (“Obvious Signs”), and occasionally descends into swirling blasts of noise (“Bullet Points”). Ryan’s drumming is a punchy, solid tribute to girl group stomps and blue-eyed soul, the same soul Mat summons with the urgency of his vocals. His lyrics have a wide-eyed questioning quality that lies at the heart of every punk lifer, without the aggro finger-pointing. Every song is uncluttered verging on deconstructed: rhythm, melody, and just enough harmonic structure to tie it together.

1. Not Mine
2. Reason To Listen
3. Bullet Points
4. Obvious Signs
5. Smooth Rider
6. Across The Bay
7. Unaligned
8. Big World
9. Hot Toes
10. The Spirit
11. Not Our Time In Time